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Mark McLaughlin's Phantasmapedia now on sale

Discover the ultimate destiny of life on Earth. Mark McLaughlin's Phantasmapedia is now on sale. The book sold out at during preorders, but you can still purchase one of the few remaining copies of this ultra-limited edition (only 78 signed and lettered copies were done) at or

What's a Phantasmapedia?
Phantasmapedia is a chapbook collection of poems about 32 little-known creatures – demons, entities, mutants, and pseudo-biological aberrations. Even though you may not have heard of these beings, there is a good chance one or more of them could be influencing your life. Are you having difficulty losing weight? You could be the victim of Adipossums, or maybe Glucozoth, Lord of Candy. Having memory problems? Brown Creepers could be to blame. Is your computer acting strangely? Internet Witches may have sent a special virus your way. Are you hopelessly insane or terminally ill? Perhaps you’ve crossed paths with the Yellow-Tailed Satanus or the Oncoloscarabaeus. Phantasmapedia also reveals the ultimate destiny of life on Earth, as well as a variety of other arcane secrets.
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This one-of-a-kind chapbook is being released in a signed, lettered limited edition of only 78 copies.


Sebastian said...

Mark McLaughlin's "Phantasmapedia" is very reminiscent of Colin Doonowdy's "Creatures from another God." Do you have any insight as to whether the two have collaborated in the past? If so, could you suggest some of their more representative readings?

Mark said...

Good morning! Mark McLaughlin here. Tom mentioned your question to me. I've never heard of Colin Doonowdy or that book (in fact, I did a Google search and neither that author's name or book came up).

I've been writing about monsters my whole life. My mother's-side Greek grandmother used to delight and terrify me with tales of Greek mythology, which she would make more realistic by adding herself to the stories. Yes, I used to think my grandmother hung out with Zeus. Maybe she did. Can anyone living prove she didn't?

If you want to read some of my other works, go to -- they sell SLIME AFTER SLIME and PICKMAN'S MOTEL, my two most recent story collections. Thanks!