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Both the living and the dead rest uneasy in new volume of classic vampire stories

Classic Vampires Revisited: AN UNEASY REPOSE is now on sale at & ( and either are sold out or have not listed their copies).
AN UNEASY REPOSE is the 22nd volume in the Literary Vampire series, and is limited to 26 Lettered chapbooks.
Both the living and the dead rest uneasy in four tales of vampirism that ushered in the dawn of the twentieth century:
Following the appearance of Dracula in 1897, four writers continued to explore the vampire theme in these late nineteenth-century tales of bad news from beyond the grave. In H. B. Marriott-Watson’s classic novella “The Stone Chamber,” young Warrington has it all: a beautiful and devoted fiancĂ©e, wealth and good looks—and an ancient decaying abbey he’s recently purchased. So why isn’t he resting easy these nights? Just what in Hell is eating the poor guy, anyway?

Plus: F. Marion Crawford’s chilling novella “The Dead Smile”; “Will” by Vincent O’Sullivan; and “The Old Portrait” by Hume Nisbet. Plus all the usual, fascinating background info.


“Limited but highly affordable, Tom English’s lovingly (and ghoulishly) handcrafted ‘Classic Vampires Revisited’ chapbook series should delight both horror fans and discriminating aficionados alike. Resurrecting classic and undeservedly overlooked vampire tales published before and after Stoker’s Dracula, it is fast becoming the indispensable ongoing literary ‘history’ of Nosferatu and his heirs. As such, it’s not to be missed!”
— Joseph Wrzos, editor of August Derleth’s In Lovecraft’s Shadow and co-editor of Night Creatures, a collection of Seabury Quinn’s classic weird tales.

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