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New items concerning Bound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad

1. Yes, I'm behind in reading subs and sending out responses. Thought it would never happen. (Not me, no sir!) But it did. Well, that's the bad news. The good news, by which I hope many will be cheered, is that I am still personally reading subs, still accepting stories, still writing checks, and I will respond to all writers. Promise! If you've not heard anything, you are still in the running. Meanwhile, keep writing stories.

2. Writers now may submit their stories as attachments.

3. My printer is delighted that I keep increasing the page count. I originally intended to fill about 300 pages, but now I'm shooting for about 500. (I've received too many good stories about a subject I love: books!)

4. Many of you should look good in black -- with gold stamping, no less. Bound for Evil is slated to be bound in black (imitation) leather with gold leaf titles and design.

Best Regards,
Tom English


Nightingale said...

Hi Tom, is the deadline still end of September? I find this a fascinating idea. I'd like to submit but need some time to let imagination run away.

Thanks, Linda Nightingale

Dead Letter Press said...

September 30 is still the deadline. Linda, email with your idea.

Kyra said...

I've been working on a story for this, but it's midnight Sept. 30 where I am, and I'm not quite done with it yet--I'm taking 21 credits this semester and I've been really busy. Would you still accept a submission a day or two late?