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More Praise for Dead Letter Press books

Here's a quote from a recent email sent by another satisfied customer:

I received the package Tuesday. Wow! What a wonderful book Bound For Evil is. The overall presentation is very impressive. Very nice!

I have over some time, acquired a fairly large collection ... and typically, I avoided chapbooks ... mostly because the price didn't justify 2-10 pages of content, (and my being a bohemian musician, well, there's not too much money to throw at books). But, after reading The Collective of Blaque Reach, (along with the wonderful packaging of it), this is an area that I am going to delve into with more enthusiasm.

Bottom line: DEAD LETTER PRESS is great. I have tried to find flaw in your product, but everything just 'clicks' solidly. Well done !!!

---Saint Toad

Thanks for the kind words, ST!