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The Flame has gone out (of print, that is) but it continues to burn bright!

Orrin Grey's gothic novella The Mysterious Flame is now out of print. If you missed getting a copy you may still be able to find it at one of the fine booksellers that stock DLP books. Don't miss out on this wonderful debut novella by a rising voice in horror fiction!

Here's yet another great review (at Speculative Fiction Junkie) proving that The Mysterious Flame continues to burn bright!

"Despite its brevity, The Mysterious Flame manages to include an awful lot of action and disparate elements. Whether it's Narthos being awakened from the Spanish tower, Barnabus and his friend taking up residence in an abandoned movie theater, Barnabus hanging out in an isolated diner just to be around others for a bit, the raising of an army of reanimated corpses, or countless other things, this short book packs as much into its forty-four pages as is humanly possible without in any way feeling like it is overreaching or attempting to force too many disparate elements together. Additionally, for a book with such a potentially heavy subject matter, The Mysterious Flame manages to maintain a surprisingly light tone for the most part. Mr. Grey makes some welcome serious points about the nature of the mysterious flame by, among other things, contrasting the relationship between Barnabas and Daniel with the relationship between Narthos and Joy, but the book simultaneously remains a whole lot of fun.

Mr. Grey is a capable writer with occasional flashes of brilliant description. I haven't seen any other works from him but I will be keeping my eye open for him in the future.