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Gone in 60 seconds! (or something like that)

The Kiss of Judas & The Death of Halpin Frayser, 23rd volume in the Literary Vampire series, is sold out. Actually, the book was sold out before publication. Who knew?

Here's the description from the envelope:
In 1893, while Bram Stoker was immersed in research for his novel Dracula, several other creative minds were also busy at work making significant contributions to the Literary Vampire genre.

Presented here are those curious and classic contributions: the Ambrose Bierce short story “The Death of Halpin Frayser”; Dr. Thomson Jay Hudson’s article “Origins of Vampires”; Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s composition Love and Pain; and the strange, rarely reprinted title novella, “The Kiss of Judas,” by Julian Osgood Field writing as the enigmatic “X.L.” Also included is the informative Intro, “Children of Judas,” by Series Editor Tom English. Not to mention all the usual snippets of fascinating background info. Softcover chapbook limited to 26 copies only. Cover Illustration by World Fantasy Award-winner Dave Carson

“Limited but highly affordable, Tom English’s lovingly (and ghoulishly) handcrafted ‘Classic Vampires Revisited’ chapbook series should delight both horror fans and discriminating aficionados alike. Resurrecting classic and unde-servedly overlooked vampire tales published before and after Stoker’s Dracula, it is fast becoming the indispensable ongoing literary ‘history’ of Nosferatu and his heirs. As such, it’s not to be missed!”
— Joseph Wrzos, editor of August Derleth’s In Lovecraft’s Shadow and co-editor
of Night Creatures, a collection of Seabury Quinn’s classic weird tales.

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