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Orrin Grey pays homage to the classic Gothic pulps, in a poignant but chilling novella that features a haunted monastery and a rundown movie palace; a vampiric monk and an army of animated skeletons; arcane magic and the search for a long lost secret; and caught in the middle of it all, a bewitched young woman and a reluctant hero made of clay!

The Mysterious Flame is being released as a softcover chapbook limited to 100 signed copies only. Cover art by World Fantasy Award-winner Allen Koszowski.

UPDATE (4/19/2009): recently posted the following review as part of its
"Spring into Terror" horror fiction review project:

"In The Mysterious Flame, the undead necromancer Narthos is hunting a golem, Barnabus, in an attempt to determine the secret of his existence and his soul. The plot summary suggests that the story is high fantasy, but it is actually set in the present day, and has a very elegant gothic feel. Grey does a great job of balancing storytelling, action, and character development in 44 pages. The Mysterious Flame is a chapbook, with a quality in writing and production similar to that of the high-quality chapbooks produced by White Noise Press. The cover art is by renowned horror artist Allen Koszowski, and is an excellent complement to the story.... Recommended for fans of horror and gothic tales."


ross said...

I'm an idiot.

I live in the UK and ordered Orrin's book through the blog entry and - ta-da! - forgot, having moved house three weeks ago, that my address was WRONG when I made the PayPal payment.

I've changed it now (whoop. ee.) but it may be you have the wrong one. *IF* you haven't already sent it, when you see this could you contact me directly for the correct address? Or even Orrin, he and his wife have it. If it's not possible, then it's OK, the postal redirect I have set post-move should still catch it. I'd just rather be sure.

Old address starts 35 Be.
New address starts 49 Kh..

Thank you.

Tom English said...

Hi Ross. We all make mistakes like this. Please check your email. We'll get this taken care of.