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More Fame for Mysterious Flame

Matt Cowan has posted a short review praising Orrin Grey's first novella, The Mysterious Flame, over at

Orrin and I will be attending Readercon 20 (The Conference on Imaginative Literature) the weekend of July 10 - 12th. I'll be bringing the last few copies of
The Mysterious Flame, so if you're in or near Burlington, MA, stop in and see us. Orrin will be happy to inscribe a copy of his novella for you. Chances are good you can catch us at the Dark Hollow Books section of the Dealers Room. Bill Morrison of DHB will be selling copies of my Shirley Jackson Award-nominated anthology Bound for Evil (the awards ceremony is Sunday the 12th at 11 am) and we'll be stopping by Bill's tables frequently to talk to readers and sign copies of BfE. Joining us there will be two more BfE contributors, Simon Strantzas and Ian Rogers. So stop by and get your copy signed by four of the contributors. (And possibly by a fifth contributor we hope will able to attend.)

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