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ROYAL REVIEW: The King of Deadtown

The Atlantean Publishing magazine "The Supplement" recently reviewed The King of Deadtown. Below is an excerpt of the printed review:

The story opens with an outbreak of disease in Iraq. Given the title, it will not be too great a surprise to learn that it is the sort of disease which doesn’t keep you down for long. People transform into cannibalistic ‘virums’, the term adopted by a society scared of using a word so blatantly apocalyptic as ‘zombie’. Now, telling you that this is a zombie story in the mould of Romero that includes a brief visit to a shopping mall in homage, you will be thinking “ah, a Dawn of the Dead rip-off”. It’s the obvious comparison and is an error. Glynn makes no apologies for the genre nor does he try to disguise it and pretend he is doing something different – he embraces the genre but also writes something different. I’d like to tell you more, but it would spoil the surprise.
      Suffice to say, this is not a slavish retread of the zombie apocalypse genre. Glynn takes the familiar tropes and gives them a twist. Well worth reading.
– The Supplement, Issue 42, September 2008 (DJ Tyrer)

The softcover chapbook novella The King of Deadtown is now available in an edition limited to 150 signed copies (in an illustrated envelope).
Cover illustration by World Fantasy Award-winning illustrator Allen Koszowski.

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