February 9, 2011

Dead Letter Press books

BOUND FOR EVIL: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad
edited by Tom English
Illustrated by Allen Koszowski

Deluxe illustrated, sewn hardcover;
Limited to 500 copies.
A finalist for the SHIRLEY JACKSON AWARD (Best Anthology, 2008)

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"Bound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad edited by Tom English (Dead Letter Press) is a hefty, entertaining anthology of sixty-five stories about nasty, demented, or overly influential books and the people who love them (to their detriment). It's a good looking, limited edition hardcover tome of almost 800 pages, with half the stories original to the volume...."
--Ellen Datlow, Cemetery Dance #62, 2009

by Rhys Hughes
Illustrated by Keith Minnion

Deluxe sewn hardcover with illustrated bookplate signed by the author; Limited to 300 copies.

"Engelbrecht Again! is
one of the funniest, funnest, original and highly imaginative books that I’ve read in a while. The exploits of the dwarf surrealist boxer are so downright whacky at times that you just shake your head and wonder how in the hell did Hughes come up with this scenario because he’s one of those writers that is popping with ideas. His throwaway ideas would be other, lesser writers' centerpiece ideas."
by Glynn Barrass
Cover art by Allen Koszowski

Stapled chapbook; Limited to 150 signed copies.

"...Telling you that this is a zombie story in the mould of Romero that includes a brief visit to a shopping mall in homage, you will be thinking 'ah, a Dawn of the Dead rip-off'. It’s the obvious comparison and is an error. Glynn makes no apologies for the genre nor does he try to disguise it and pretend he is doing something different – he embraces the genre but also writes something different. ...this is not a slavish retread of the zombie apocalypse genre. Glynn takes the familiar tropes and gives them a twist. Well worth reading."
--The Supplement, Issue 42, September 2008 (DJ Tyrer)